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What is TOBE and how it can be implemented in the paranormal research field

TOBE is a universal idea and concept stemming from the paranormal research field, It seeks to promote the only fact within this entire field of study. Paranormal researchers from a North Florida based paranormal research and study group (North Florida Mystery Trackers) pinned down the ideal and concept after many years of researching and studying a variety of haunted locations among other mysterious sites in Florida, only to come to conclusions that can only be presented as a theory, opinion, belief or an experience. The outside world can't and never will accept evidence collected during a paranormal field investigation as complete proof of the afterlife. will serve as the only official online home of TOBE. If you come across any other site or social media page claiming to represent TOBE, It's not an official page. Content posted on will be shared on social media by it's readers and North Florida Mystery Trackers

Stay tuned for more informati…